Aug. 20th, 2013 04:40 pm
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Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall, is giving away a free novella all about Darla and what happens to her before she and Alex meet. Those who have read Mike's series so far will know exactly why they want to read this! Those who haven't - if you can stand the violence, go at it at once! These are very well crafted books and Darla is an awesome character! Here's the link for the giveaway:
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I'm very pleased to host an excellent new writer, Amanda McCrina. Amanda is the author of His Own Good Sword and is now working on the sequel, as well as a standalone novel called Aquae. I was fascinated by her worldbuilding and how it shaped her characters, so that's what I asked her about. Thanks, Amanda, for agreeing to blog for me and giving me such full and thoughtful answers! You can purchase Amanda's novel and read excerpts from her works in progress at her webpage .

1. Your historical fantasy is set in a world that's a lot like Roman Britain. Were you always interested in the Roman empire? do you remember how and why you got interested? And do you think this setting is particularly relevant today?

I've had a vague interest in Rome since middle school, when I first read Rosemary Sutcliff; her Roman-Britain novels remain some of my favorites. But really it's only been in the last couple years that this has turned into a full-blown academic passion.Read more... )
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My sister told me to go look at Eddis Sounis Attolia on livejournal, because there was a link to an exciting interview with Megan Whalen Turner. There is! If you don't know who she is (and especially if you do), go here:

It's very cool1
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Yes, I know - I still have to write an actual review of Ghost Hunter But, about ten days ago, Deirdre and I participated in this videocast with Michelle Paver. It's long (over an hour), but fascinating. For those who have time to take a look, and are interested in writing, pay close attention to minutes 13 to 15. I find this positively scary! Deirdre and I were "librarygrl" in the chat room and we did get a question answered toward the end. :)

Here's the link:
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Here's Michelle Paver, with a few beautiful wolves, talking about Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. wolf is my favorite character, too!


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