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This is another result from a prompt in writing club. My sister liked it, and thought I should share it with family and friends, so I'm doing so.

(For my grandfather)

By the ocean
The horse races,
His shoes striking
Wet sand.
Shells gleam
In the sunset.
The strand shines.
An old man,
Reclaims his youth.
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My mom was born in Galway, and my Dad's mother in Banagher, so I've been to the west fairly often to visit Mom's family (and once to visit Dad's). I have, however, never been to the North of Ireland. This month, when I went over to Galway to visit my aunt, I told her I'd like to go on a literary pilgrimage to Belfast. This picture shows why.Searcher statueThere are more pictures, as well as explanations, under the cut. Read more... )
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Resting, close up
Originally uploaded by deirdrej

This amazing pic is of my sister deirdrej's rescue of a baby robin. The parents were nesting under our parent's porch in NW Connecticut. The others had flown, but this little one was stuck in the nest, a bit of tape the parents had used for nesting material twined round his leg. You can see the ribbon on the baby's leg here. Deidrej succeeded in cutting him free, but he flew off with the ribbon still round his leg. She had to capture him - more than once! - and hold him upside down to untie him. A stressful process for both of them! She put him (or her) back on the nest when s/he was free. A half hour later, the baby had flown.

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A merry Christmas to all who celebrate - and a festive Kwanzaa, and belated happy Hanukkah, Islamic New Year, winter Solstice, Diwali, or whatever you celebrate! Posting in haste - must clean, pack, and get up home! But I decided to share grandma's raisin cake recipe, as written down by my mom. In our family for three generations now, and too good not to share! Grandma's fruitcake recipe is similar, but calls for nuts, mixed peel, cherries, liquor (sherry, generally) and a dozen eggs - otherwise, triples all the ingredients. The recipe follows: Read more... )

Good news!

Aug. 9th, 2010 10:27 pm
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I just heard from my sister that Mom is supposed to come home tomorrow! She still has a long recovery ahead of her, but that's terrific news, all the same. :)
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She walked across the room today with a walker! This is great news. If she continues to progress this steadily, she will be home in a week or two. :)
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My twin, too, actually. She and her colleague in the elementary school won one of our local school - public library cooperation awards for (among other things) their live video chat with Mo Willems. And our brother's firm has been invited back to Samoa for restoration work. Here's a link with a pic:

Happy Independence Day to all my friends who celebrate, and peace!

White Hat

Jun. 12th, 2010 05:18 pm
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White Hat
Originally uploaded by deirdrej

And here is another of Deirdre's drawings, this one of our grandmother as a young woman, sketched from a photograph. I really love this picture! Not sure - if you click on it, I think it will take you to Deirdre's flickr page, where she has information - but I think it is chalk and pencil. This is our Dad's mother, who was only 13 or so when she came out, alone, to America to work in her older sister's boarding house.

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I told Dad today that I had posted online and was trying to find Johnny, and asked him if he could give me any information. Here is what he told me:
1.I had the name misspelled. It's John Hancin.
2. He was from Cleveland, Ohio.
3. He was the Chief Petty Officer at the Naval Air station in Hutchinson.
And then, of course, there's all the info below.

Again, please link to this post - pass it on! And thanks, and happy (belated) Memorial day.
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Please link to this post, pass it on, tell people about it - this is a very long shot, but I think the more people it reaches, the better chance we have of succeeding. Here's the story, very briefly:
My Dad was talking about his experience in the Navy in Hutchinson, Kansas, during WWII. He was in the medical corps, and had a good friend called Johnny Hansen (not sure of the spelling of the last name). Dad played organ for Johnny's wedding - this would probably have been in 1945. My Dad is Gerard Johnson, and his friends call him Gerry. If anyone knows a Johnny Hansen or Hanson who was in the Navy and stationed in Hutchinson during WWII, please have them contact me! I know this is a long shot, but Dad would love to know what happened to Johnny and his family.
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My younger sister won the contest to find the most interesting revision Dickens made to A Christmas Carol. Here's the short article from (as I remember) December 25:

The New York Times 159.54900 (Dec 25, 2009): pA27(L). (563 words)


Greatness in Progress: Challenged by The New York Times to unlock the mysteries of Charles Dickens's changes to ''A Christmas Carol,'' more than 100 readers pored over the newly digitized 66-page work.

The winner of the contest, Hilary Johnson, 39, noted that Dickens altered the length of time that Scrooge's business partner, Marley, had been dead, from 10 years to 7, on Page 5. She speculated that the number 7 might have magical properties, an interpretation that resonated with the judge, Declan Kiely, the curator at the Morgan Library and Museum. ''It's more incantatory,'' he said.

She also noticed that Dickens revised the line that Marley's ghost utters on Page 14 from ''Man was my business'' to ''Business! Mankind was my business.''


PHOTOS: The Norway spruce in Nanuet, N.Y., left, before relocating to Bryant Park. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOM ZODA); Hilary Johnson had a sharp eye for Dickens's revisions. (PHOTOGRAPH BY RUTH FREMSON/THE NEW YORK TIMES)
Source Citation
Sulzberger, A.G. "City room blogging at" New York Times 25 Dec. 2009: A27(L). Custom Newspapers. Web. 23 Feb. 2010.
Document URL

Gale Document Number:A215192630


Feb. 10th, 2010 09:35 am
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I wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers. Mom made it safely through surgery.
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Could everyone please keep my parents, and especially my Mom, in their thoughts and prayers Monday? Mom is going to have heart surgery.
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I just saw on Pythia Delphi's livejournal that it is Bohemianspirit's birthday! I am terrible at keeping up with my livejournal friends' birthdays, so please, everyone, consider yourself wished a Happy Birthday!

And - I just found out Dad is in hospital again, so could all my friends who believe in prayer say a prayer for him and my Mom? Thank heavens for my younger sister, who brought him to the hospital; they suspect a mini-stroke, and it's always much better if they get to that fast. He sounds as though he's doing well. Still, it's a worry.

Final thing - I got another betta today. At first, I thought his name might be Aquila, but, once I got him into his bowl at home, I decided he was Severus Secundus, after all. He's very pretty, and seems to be settling in well; unlike Severus primus, he ate right away. But I only gave him one pellet, as an experiment, because the young man at the store told me I have overfed my bettas. Deirdre hasn't, and hers have lived longer than mine. Point taken!

Anyway, here's the pic:
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Or there will be! I haven't seen them yet, and have no pics, but my younger sister told me there are now two baby bluebirds in the nestbox. We are filming them for Dad, and I may be able to get the video onto DVD and then onto the computer. We'll see! In any case, I'm excited that the babies have made it this far in all the chilly weather we've been having. I was afraid it was too cold for the eggs to hatch.
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I was not going to post today - after all, it is Christmas! But my sister wrote a very lovely carol which you can find on our Gringotts Grrls page. She says the tune is the Wexford Carol, but the words are mostly hers. If you're interested, just go to this webpage:

Then click on "Goblin Carol" in the music player.
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My sister has a blog, and it's really good! Go and look, especially if you like animals. Here's the link:


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