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I've almost got it! Except that I couldn't fix the top of the boy's head, and, of course, his clothing. The text also got messed up. But what do you think of this background?

young kiril, cover concept
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I love [ profile] deirdrej's cover art, in the icon - it says so much about the story and its themes. But covers are difficult! I don't suppose I will have much say in any of my covers, if my books get published, but I've been wondering exactly what a good cover should do. It should intrigue potential readers, convey a mood, and give some information about the book - genre, possible themes, and so on. Deirdre's design does all of that, IMHO, except for one thing. It's not at all clear that the book is SF, set in the future. That's why I began playing around in photoshop. This is what I came up with. Thoughts?

boy with foil and stars

I love the colors Deirdre uses; they are very meaningful if you know the story. But I think maybe a simpler image, like this, would work better for those who don't know the book. Of course, the boy is too young, but he'd do for my MC at ten or so.
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With much thanks for the input of Mike Mullin, Deirdrej, my Dad and a few others who commented on various boards, I've rewritten the query once again. Here it is - and this time, I really do think I've got it. I'm never going to please everyone, and am a little sad at what I've had to leave out, but I think this does represent the book well. I particularly like that the shape of the query echoes the shape of the book. :) Read more... )
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book trailer - honor
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Seriously premature, I know - my sister's artwork, which you've already seen, and Kevin MacLeod's music. But I do think it comes together nicely. I did it because Jon suggested we include trailers with our excerpts or first chapters.
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This is the first part of the first chapter, for those who were interested in seeing how the story would progress.

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This is the first part of an original fic I've had in mind for some time. David, if you're still checking in, I'd be glad to hear how you like it. Of course, everyone else is very welcome to comment, too!

About 600 words, g-rated, no warning, but, since it's SF, probably not to everyone's taste. This is the prologue to a novel (hopefully). The working title is "Honor" and the main characters are a 15 year old girl and 16 year old boy. More after the cut:

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