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All 33 miners have been rescued, and the fifth of the sixth rescue workers is on his way to the surface now. Awesome!

p.s. Very short post, this. Do you think Twitter is corrupting me? But I really have nothing more to say. :)
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My twin, too, actually. She and her colleague in the elementary school won one of our local school - public library cooperation awards for (among other things) their live video chat with Mo Willems. And our brother's firm has been invited back to Samoa for restoration work. Here's a link with a pic:

Happy Independence Day to all my friends who celebrate, and peace!
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Here is a link to a quick and dirty video I made today - something that happened this morning. Unfortunately, I was so rattled that I didn't get very good footage - had to move my car. We had a spectacular view of the flames shooting from this poor fellow's car from the library. No idea what can have caused the fire. No one was hurt and only the one car was damaged.

Here's the link:

BTW, Puckling, your mom was there with a high-powered camera, and talked to the owner. So you will soon know more about what actually happened than I do!
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My younger sister won the contest to find the most interesting revision Dickens made to A Christmas Carol. Here's the short article from (as I remember) December 25:

The New York Times 159.54900 (Dec 25, 2009): pA27(L). (563 words)


Greatness in Progress: Challenged by The New York Times to unlock the mysteries of Charles Dickens's changes to ''A Christmas Carol,'' more than 100 readers pored over the newly digitized 66-page work.

The winner of the contest, Hilary Johnson, 39, noted that Dickens altered the length of time that Scrooge's business partner, Marley, had been dead, from 10 years to 7, on Page 5. She speculated that the number 7 might have magical properties, an interpretation that resonated with the judge, Declan Kiely, the curator at the Morgan Library and Museum. ''It's more incantatory,'' he said.

She also noticed that Dickens revised the line that Marley's ghost utters on Page 14 from ''Man was my business'' to ''Business! Mankind was my business.''


PHOTOS: The Norway spruce in Nanuet, N.Y., left, before relocating to Bryant Park. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOM ZODA); Hilary Johnson had a sharp eye for Dickens's revisions. (PHOTOGRAPH BY RUTH FREMSON/THE NEW YORK TIMES)
Source Citation
Sulzberger, A.G. "City room blogging at" New York Times 25 Dec. 2009: A27(L). Custom Newspapers. Web. 23 Feb. 2010.
Document URL

Gale Document Number:A215192630
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I am just going to quote her letter to me, including a link from Bologna. And why wasn't this announced in NYC? Isn't Megan Whalen Turner American?

HI, everybody!

Look what I found!

Is that not the most awesome thing ever?

Yes, it is! Sophos lives!
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When I was visiting my parents last weekend, my Mom showed me an obituary. Christopher Nolan is dead, at the age of 43. He attended the same school in Dublin as the members of U2, a few years after they did, and wrote three amazing books. His is an example of a life lived with courage and joy. Here's the link to the NY Times obit:


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