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It was making me sad looking at my empty bowl and tank, so my sister and I went to Petco - I was planning to get a betta. While there, I saw something new to me: baby bettas in cups. Several of these little ones looked ill, or even dead; several more were lively. On impulse, I got a cute, lively little one from the middle of the rank of fish. As I said on twitter, he's so little I'm not even sure whether he's male or female, but I'm starting to think he might be a little boy. He's probably about two months old, from the reading I've done. And - I didn't realize it was cruel to buy these babies! The big chain stores treat their bettas cruelly, in any case, and I'm sure he'll be better off with me. But he was so little that he couldn't even manage to eat a betta pellet - not even when I chopped it up for him. I got some bloodworms and betta flakes, and he/she absolutely loves those, when they are broken into tiny pieces. That's one of the big problems with selling babies this young; they often don't get the right food so they fail to thrive. But he's doing well so far. Doesn't have a name yet - I've been calling him/her Babe, Minnow or Nipper. Deirdrej doesn't like those. Does anyone have any ideas for names? I just thought of Boromir, if he actually is a little boy (Boromir's kind of a great name for a betta, IMHO!), and Eowyn if a girl. 

Here he is, in his new gallon bowl -

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Also Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and happy whatever else you celebrate. Someone tweeted this charming little film earlier, so I'm doing likewise!

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She to me: what should I name him, X or Costis?
Me to her: Costis needs a fish named after him.

So Costis it is! Here's a pic, I hope - or at least a link to one. He's a wild-type betta and his colors are spectacular.
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I just saw on Pythia Delphi's livejournal that it is Bohemianspirit's birthday! I am terrible at keeping up with my livejournal friends' birthdays, so please, everyone, consider yourself wished a Happy Birthday!

And - I just found out Dad is in hospital again, so could all my friends who believe in prayer say a prayer for him and my Mom? Thank heavens for my younger sister, who brought him to the hospital; they suspect a mini-stroke, and it's always much better if they get to that fast. He sounds as though he's doing well. Still, it's a worry.

Final thing - I got another betta today. At first, I thought his name might be Aquila, but, once I got him into his bowl at home, I decided he was Severus Secundus, after all. He's very pretty, and seems to be settling in well; unlike Severus primus, he ate right away. But I only gave him one pellet, as an experiment, because the young man at the store told me I have overfed my bettas. Deirdre hasn't, and hers have lived longer than mine. Point taken!

Anyway, here's the pic:
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My little Sevvie died this morning, or late last night. I don't know what of - for a couple of days, he was sulking at the bottom of his bowl and spitting out his food. I tried medicating him, but all I had on hand was fungus guard and bettafix, and, of course, salt. Whatever I did wasn't the right thing.

Poor little guy. I really think he was a bit sick from the time I got him, and there was only one week or so in the two months I had him that he acted like a normal betta (making nests, swimming calmly, eating everything he was given, and so on). I am not as sad as I was when Charlie died, but I still feel bad and sorry about him - most of all because I wish I had known how to help him.
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Sevvie the fish
Originally uploaded by maryj59

Here's my new little betta, who is, of course, called Sevvie. He is very pretty, but is worrying me because he won't eat anything. I hope he makes it.

Otherwise - thanks to all your comments, I realized most of you didn't know the books I was talking about.

Here is a link to the first few pages of Michelle Paver's Wolf Brother My sister also did a podcast where you can hear Iam McKellan reading the first chapter - he has done all the audio for these books. You can download it either by looking for kiscocast on, or by going to and downloading it there.

The BBC filmed the first Green Knowe book, and there are a couple of clips on youtube. Here's the first one - makes you wonder where Rowling got some of her ideas!


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I do think this is a cute pic, though I'm not sure about the heading. The picture is under the cut:
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Deirdre took this pic and captioned it as an exploration on her blog, but didn't post it - she posted another cat she thought was funnier. Well, I think Misty is cute! So here she is -

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Here's a link to a video I made last night - it's quite silly, but has a point of sorts. Enjoy!
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This will be - well, probably not the last, but, since Lent is starting tomorrow, I am going to be trying to cut down my internet use. So I won't be posting frequently. And, having a plus account now, I thought I would try to put up a critter pic or two, since people asked. Read more... )


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