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To all who celebrate, and happy New Year to my friends who don't. I'm learning this for one of my choirs,and it's truly a prayer for peace. In this video, the composer is conducting in Belfast Cathedral. May we have peace and may we help to bring it!
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It is the weekend of Gaudete Sunday, so Im posting this. Here's the incomparable Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span, singing "Gaudete". Someone has kindly provided a translation of the verses in the comments; the chorus is "Rejoice, rejoice! Christ is born of the Virgin Mary! Rejoice!"

Let us remember that, in spite of the state of the world, there is much to rejoice about. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you'll have a happy, healthy winter festival.
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My sister and her teacher doing American waltz. I think they did a lovely job - and, honestly, I'm proud of the job i did filming, too! It's just a phone camera, but I managed to keep them in the frame all through the dance. Enjoy!
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I Just want to wish a happy Easter or Passover to all who celebrate, and happy spring to everyone else. I'd also like to share a video I just posted to the library youtube channel. This is a very talented family doing dances from South America. The boys are regulars at my programs. Enjoy!
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And Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, and so on! I hope we may all have a happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead. Right now I want to share a 14th-century Irish carol which I find absolutely beautiful. It's called "Peperit Virgo", and it's sung by Anonymous 4.

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Yes, I know I'm supposed to be doing a six-sentence Sunday update, but, this week, I just haven't had time to get much further in the WIP. You see, Deirdre and I were participating in Avada Kedavrock in NYC - the dancing death eaters actually did a quickstep to one of our songs! If you don't know wha a dancing death eater is, here they are dancing to one of Swish and Flick's, with Swish (aka Stacey) singing.
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Isn't this just gorgeous? I have never heard of the artist before today; came across her name in a YA ARC I'm reading for review. I love the images in this video, and the young woman looks very much like an adult version of my Niki.

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We went to Mass at the Lourdes Shrine in Litchfield this morning. A lovely Mass and a lovely sermon; the readings were all about forgiveness and letting go of anger. It was a day just like the day ten years ago - a beautiful, clear, early autumn day. And all of us were in tears at some point, I think, during the Mass or later in the day. Read more... )
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Just want to wish all my friends who celebrate a blessed Easter, Happy Passover, happy spring!

Will be back after Holiday. In the meantime, because I love Reepicheep, I'd like to share this with you. When we were singing this in college choir, our conductor said to the girl singing this solo, "Think of Reepicheep!"

(I intend to share one of Reep and Eustace later. Reep and Eustace rock!)
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Which, I think, is pretty cool. If you don't know who the Thunderer is, Dion wrote a song about him. The words were by Phyllis McGinley, and very clever they are, too. (And St. Jerome and the Lion was one of my absolute favorite books when I was a little kid.) So, everyone, do some thundering today, and stay dry while you're at it! McGinley's poem is below; the last two lines seem especially appropriate for us Snape fans. ;)Read more... )
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A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate (as a friend put it last year, "Happy midwinter gift-giving festival!"). And blessings in the New Year, and peace.

For me, it's Christmas. The choir I'm in sang a few of Britten's carols from A Ceremony of Carols for our Christmas concert, so I'd like to post a couple of my favorites from this piece, with children singing them - young girls from Oxford, and young boys from Cambridge. Enjoy! (BTW, these are really sound files, not movies.)

The first is "This Little Babe", sung by the teen girls:

And here are the boys, singing "In Freezing Winter Night". I think this text is very beautiful!

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My sister just showed me this video - both of us absolutely love the song, and she said, "If he weren't so blond and good looking, the lead singer could be Snape." True! It's a Canadian band called The Arcade Fire, and the song is Rebellion.

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several exciting things to report on this week. First, look at my sister's blog. She wrote about our hawk-watching experience better than I ever could. Four species spotted in a half hour (a turkey vulture or two, two sharp-shinned hawks - and I don't think I've ever seen a sharp-shinned hawk before, though I've seen a cooper's - and the Osprey and a really clear view of that Kestrel, who came very close.) Here's the link:

Then, we went to see and hear U2 at the Meadowlands on Thursday night. Exhausting, but wonderful. I got a pretty good pic of the stage set, and my sister took some striking experimental shots. We were up in the peanut gallery, but it was spectacular, anyway. And I was really noticing the band's musicianship, as well as the showmanship. I really, really want to see It Might Get Loud; I love the Edge!
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I was not going to post today - after all, it is Christmas! But my sister wrote a very lovely carol which you can find on our Gringotts Grrls page. She says the tune is the Wexford Carol, but the words are mostly hers. If you're interested, just go to this webpage:

Then click on "Goblin Carol" in the music player.
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I'd meant to post this yesterday - voting went very smoothly in our small towns, but this year my sister and I, down in NY, didn't get the "I voted today" sticker. I really wanted one! Voting was fun, though - a real holiday feeling, and two men ahead of me brought their young sons into the booths to share the experience. And the important thing-

Barack Hussein Obama is our president-elect. Yay!
(And my family's probably related to him!)

Of course, everyone is related to everyone else, if you go far enough back. But seriously - my dad's mother, my Grandma, was born in Banagher, Offaly, Ireland. It turns out that Barack Obama's great-great-grandfather also came from County Offaly. Different town, of course, but still, that's quite a coincidence. A local band has a song about it - here's the link:
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A fellow chorus member was kind (and lucky! we had little time, and had been told to put away our cameras) enough to snap this pic of the "chorus of the fates" from the beginning of the second act of Acis and Galatea, which we performed last weekend. So - here we are in our death eater robes:

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Our friend Amy Snow has a new project. At the moment she's calling it trock, but I think it might be called something else - perhaps tock? (bad pun - sorry!) Or maybe hwaet? (Anglo Saxon for "listen", I believe?). Or the modern derivative - What? What, what, what?

Here's the link:
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Five favorite songs by five favorite bands: (and I have a question. What if you can't think of five songs you love by any given band? Help!) Anyway, here goes - it's under the cut. And I am tagging (only if you want to do it, and haven't done it already, Anne Arthur, Sigune, Nemesister, Thirteen Ravens, cardigrl.
Read more... )
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I copied this from R.J. Anderson. You're to search youtube for some band you listened to frequently in your young youth, find a video you like, and then post it on your journal. This is mine:

I'm afraid you'll have to click on the link since I don't know how to actually insert the video - hope it works! I really did listen to them a lot as a teen, and still do - I fell in love with their music when our mom bought us a record in Ireland when we were 15. The other people I was listening to intensively at that age included Dufay, Machaut, Bizet, Bach, and especially Schubert - also the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. This was in the 70s, btw - I got into New Wave in the 80s, especially the B52s, the Talking Heads, Blondie, and most of all U2 (who were actually considered New Wave back then). But I was in my early 20s then.
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Here is the entry that I posted on Snapedom today for the Snape in Love challenge-

Hi - yes, it's still Lent, but it's Sunday, and something inspired me to write this song. It's sung by Severus (aka Michael Griffin) for his son's band's album - at Christopher's request. The marvel is that his dad agrees!

I will link to an mp3 of the tune later, if I can manage it:

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