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The entire concert we participated in back in November is now online - and it begins with the Dancing Death Eaters, dancing to one of our songs! Irvin put the whole set up, and therefore I'm not embedding it, but, if you'd like to see it, here's the link. I hope you take a look; this young man's choreography is charming. :)
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Yes, I know I'm supposed to be doing a six-sentence Sunday update, but, this week, I just haven't had time to get much further in the WIP. You see, Deirdre and I were participating in Avada Kedavrock in NYC - the dancing death eaters actually did a quickstep to one of our songs! If you don't know wha a dancing death eater is, here they are dancing to one of Swish and Flick's, with Swish (aka Stacey) singing.
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My first media addition to yesterday's post, because I think this little song is a lot of fun, and the audience did such a great job with it on Friday! We got all five parts going - cool.
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Okay - I have to post this, even though some might think Wizard Rock old news. My sister hosted a fantastic concert at the Mount Kisco Library on Friday - everyone played well, we got a great crowd, and everyone had a blast. Audience members were of all ages, from a couple of elderly ladies who must have been near 70, to a couple of barely school-age children. The bands were the Gringotts Grrls (that's my sister amd I;)); Fred and George; Snidget (she plays hammered dulcimer, and does it very well); Swish and Flick (who were wonderful, as usual - the sounds they can produce are amazing, and they are very funny and clever); and the headliners, Justin Finch Fletchley and the Sugar Quills, and the Whomping Willows. Altogether, it was a blast, and everyone was smiling. Which, I think, is the main point of Wizard Rock. Wiil try to link to some media (pics and audio) later.
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Well, we and a lot of other women of all ages. It's a compilation album that a woman we met at Terminus put together; she asked us to contribute a song. The album is a benefit to fight breast cancer. Amy Snow (aka Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons0 wrote a song specially for the album and blogged about it, which is how we found out. The album is also to be released on iTunes later this month. The originator, btw, is Dolores and the Umbrages (sic), and I think she did a really nice job compiling it - and we were pleased to be asked, and to contribute.

If that sounded all hyper and incoherent, it was! Anyway, here's the link:
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Our friend Amy Snow has a new project. At the moment she's calling it trock, but I think it might be called something else - perhaps tock? (bad pun - sorry!) Or maybe hwaet? (Anglo Saxon for "listen", I believe?). Or the modern derivative - What? What, what, what?

Here's the link:
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Here, I hope, is a link to Marybeth (aka Nagini) singing "James Potter". I just uploaded three videos of wizard rock/Terminus to the library's new youtube account; one or two more to follow. Enjoy1

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This one is rated pg 13 for language - but the song is very relevant to what we've been discussing lately! The performance was one Deirdre and I also played at; it was the first time we'd heard this group - or Celestial Warmbottom, who's fantastic - and we were instantly fans.

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Just a quickie - we had four Wizard Rock bands at the library today, AND several of my teens from film club came to film the concert! Cool! The kids did a great job, and the concert went really well, too (Deirdre and I were singing, in about the middle. Terribly scary when we first started, but then lots of fun.) The bands were the Hungarian Horntails (Darius does a fine job on the violin), the Princess of Hogwarts (that little girl has a great voice), the Gringotts Grrls, and the Whomping Willows. Whompy is really clever and good-hearted, and I'm so glad the kids actually managed to film some of his performance. We had a pretty good audience, too! I'm happy.


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