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Today, I had to tell two of my 14-year-olds they had to leave the library because we were closing. One boy responded. "Why does something so good have to close?" He also said, "This is the only place I can be myself." Isn't that cool?

Editing today to tell the rest of the story - I think the boys wouldn't mind.

Me: "I really want you on my teen advisory board!"
Boy who'd spoken: "What's a teen advisory board?"
Me: "We get together and share snacks and you tell me what you like about the library, what you'd like us to do, what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong."
Boy: "The library's doing NOTHING wrong."
Me" "Great! I need you to tell the grown-ups that."
Boy: "Don't they know that? Why don't they know that?"
Boy's friend: "Because they're grown-ups."

Wise words. We grown-ups need to be sure we don't forget what it feels like to be a kid, and that we don't forget to listen.

And yes, libraries rock! Just look at the young teen in my icon - she thinks so, too!
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Yes, my very first! I am giving away copies of this wonderful book:

Would you like a copy? Of course you would! Especially if you like contemporary YA with some suspense, some romance, and a lot of relevance to the real world. To win a copy, just write a poem, brief essay, or short short story (350 words or thereabouts) including these words:

Grandmother, Darth Vader, Pyramid

You can comment here or on my livejournal (I've cross-posted the contest there), or leave a link to your own blog. The contest will be open till Wednesday, April 10, and I will do my best to announce winners on Friday, April 12. Good luck!
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I Just want to wish a happy Easter or Passover to all who celebrate, and happy spring to everyone else. I'd also like to share a video I just posted to the library youtube channel. This is a very talented family doing dances from South America. The boys are regulars at my programs. Enjoy!
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Or, how to get a child you know to hate books. This is inspired by a discussion RJ Anderson, Deidrej and I have been having.

Maybe you know one of those kids who reads all the time. He (or she) always has his nose in a book. You'd rather he didn't waste his time on those antiquated objects. What to do? Read more... )
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I just got a call from the grandma of one of the "grads" from my digital film club at the library. This young man, a film club member for a good 3-4 years, has just gotten accepted, early decision to the digital film program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am THRILLED for him and his family! And it was so nice of her to tell me. :)
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This is what my 10th grade girls did this year. The writing and editing were exceptionally clever, IMHO, and they gave me permission to post the short film to youtube. (Last year's film by this same group was quite classy, as well. They are a talented group of young women).

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Just want to set this one down before I forget it. Several of my regular patrons came into the teen room this p.m. One boy (about 14 or 15) pulled another boy's phone out. He had one of those phone decorations on it that are so common in Asia.
Boy one: "I like your crystal dragonfly."
Boy two: (deadpan) "Yeah. It animates itself and eats people."

Somehow, that made me smile.


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