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My first professional library job was the one I hold now – young adult librarian in a small to mid-sized public library. It has been a joy to work there. But the administration has changed, and it may be that I won’t be a teen librarian from this summer onward. (NOte: It happened. My position was eliminated in April.) If that is the case, I want to list what I accomplished in my position over the last twenty years.

  • School – library cooperation:

I got the entire fifth grade to the library to hear Marybeth Weston, a local author, read her play, The Squaw with Blue Eyes.
 Along with the English teachers  in the middle school, I instituted the kid’s choice awards. Children suggested and then voted for their favorite books in a variety of genres, designed bookmarks, and chose their favorite designs. The bookmarks were professionally printed for distribution in the school and the public library. We did this for several years.
 I contacted the high school geology department and arranged for author Mike Mullin to do a booktalk centering on the Yellowstone supervolcano.
 With the middle school librarian's support, I came into the school library every month to do booktalks with the kids. I did this for several years.
 The Interact Club at the high school worked with me to hold a Halloween parade and costume judging every year at the end of October. This, too, was a regular program for many years. This brings me to:Read more... )
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Hi - just wanted to mention to all my livejournal friends that I decided to go live with the author page I've been working on. It's still a work in progress, of course, and I'll be cross-posting to and from this livejournal, but I'd love you to take a look. (I think it's pretty. ;))

Here's the link:
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So - dry question first! I just did my taxes, and am starting to wonder: should we actually try to encourage or discourage behaviors by paying for them? Doing one's taxes is just so darn complicated! Yes, I think people need a break in certain circumstances; yes, I'm a raving liberal, but, as it stands, I think there are too many loopholes, exceptions, complications - it's just so difficult. Wouldn't it be better to just have a very simple graduated tax based strictly on income? No loophole, no exceptions, no attempts to guide behavior by giving people tax breaks? It would certainly be easier!

And - here is a pic I love: it was from CNEWA and is of a young teen in a library in India. For those who know - or care - when I saw this pic, I instantly said, "Niki!". My fictional character has darker skin and her hair's a bit shorter and not so curly - but this little girl just reminds me of her.

I also love what she's apparently holding!

girl in library
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I just got a call from the grandma of one of the "grads" from my digital film club at the library. This young man, a film club member for a good 3-4 years, has just gotten accepted, early decision to the digital film program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am THRILLED for him and his family! And it was so nice of her to tell me. :)
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Don't let the title deceive you. This is an excellent rant by a local author, about the need to support libraries and youth services in libraries. Please read and pass it on!
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An informal essay in response to Jason Perlow's recent article. About 2,500 words long. Read more... )
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I worry a bit about the digital future as envisioned by Apple -
Read more... )
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This is what my 10th grade girls did this year. The writing and editing were exceptionally clever, IMHO, and they gave me permission to post the short film to youtube. (Last year's film by this same group was quite classy, as well. They are a talented group of young women).

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This is a slideshow of a party my sister and I held for the kids last summer when Prince Caspian came out. The teenagers are just plain wonderful; they bring the parties to life and make them possible. Here's the clip:
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Hi, everyone - my sister asked me to link to the kisco cast from my blog, so I'm doing it. It's a g- to pg- rated cast for all ages, about books, music and animals (mostly, so far). This is the special St Patrick's day edition, and we hope the code will work-

Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, The Mount Kisco Library -- I hope the code works.

(I just selfishly want to get more listeners)

Take care!

Love, Deirdre


Click this link to check it out:
Kiscocast: The Special St. Patricks Day Edition of the Mount Kisco Library Podcast.

- Mount Kisco

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Something that happened at lunchtime today: I had just walked to the bank and then stopped at the deli for a sandwich, and I was walking back to the library with my lunch in my hand when a sporty black car passed me. As it turned in at the bank, a man's arm came out the window, thumb pointing upward. A man's voice yelled, "I love books!"

That made me smile. He loves books! Not myspace or the internet; not dvds or videos; not even newspapers. Books! Yay! Sometimes it's fun working in a library!

(Not that there's anything wrong with all the other stuff we do, but books are at the heart of it, aren't they?)


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