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(Mowgli faces Shere Khan in the new movie)

That was going to be “It’s the writing, stupid!” Not that any of us is stupid! But, when we see a film, how much thought do we give to the writers? I finally want to rave quietly about the recent Jungle Book. There was so much about that film that was excellent! Many people have pointed out many of these things: the excellent animation, the child’s performance (which, okay, had its rough spots, but which was generally completely natural and believable), the voice cast, the music, the pacing, and so on. Only a few people that I know of mentioned the writing. And it is the script all these other things depend on. You could have fine actors, excellent animators, good musicians, excellent sets and camera work and so on. Yet, without a solid story, you could still have a bad movie.

Now, I’m of the generation that remembers the “original” animated Jungle Book. And I’ll tell you something. When I saw it as a small girl, I liked it. I even liked it a lot. I didn’t love it, and that’s because I knew and loved the book. The cartoon simply wasn’t anything like the book. The new movie does justice to the book, as well as the cartoon.

For the new movie has three sources. They are (1) the Disney cartoon. I don’t honestly remember it well enough to say how good an adaptation of the cartoon this new movie is, but others, who remember it better, proclaim this adaptation is very good and faithful. (2) the stories Kipling wrote. I loved how Kipling’s actual text was used in the film – more on that below. (3) Finally, there is real science; the actual natural history of Asia.

The filmmakers, including the writer, succeed in melding these three things into a classic coming-of-age tale. Read more... )
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Some more thoughts on the recent "Trek", among other things. An informal essay, about 3,000 words long. Read more... )
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Well, my sister and I finally got to see it tonight, and here follows my review. Basically, we enjoyed it. But I should add that I've been watching "Trek" since I was twelve (TOS, in reruns), and that I get seriously irked by bad science in an SF show. Wacky I can deal with; wild speculation I can deal with, but risible science just gets to me. OTOH, some of what was done with the characters was very interesting. My sister's comments, which sum it up pretty well, were, "This movie could make you scared of dentists. Begin drilling!", and "I loved Uhura! The actors were great!" Spoiler alert:
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It's seemed a long time since I've posted here - this one will cover at least two subjects, perhaps three. The first - the Nakba - is somewhat controversial, so it's under a cut.
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