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So - having watched the show in its entirety, my sister (the lovely Deirdrea - deirdrej on livejournal) and I are watching episodes here and there, mostly from the fifth season. Among those we saw recently were "Dr. Bashir, I presume" and "The Begotten". And-

I really love Kukalaka! And here is why. It isn't childishness that makes Dr. Bashir hang on to him; at least, not entirely. Little Jules stitched that bear together at the age of 6, as a small, slow, differently abled child. Kukalaka is concrete proof to the good doctor that the child he was is the person he is today. He's still stubborn, determined, capable, and a healer, just as he was as a little boy. The best parts of him were things he already had long before anyone "fixed" him.

And then there's the lovely grandfather/father/child dynamic in "The Begotten". Warning - some spoilers ahead!Read more... )
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I have to admit, I know the show well enough to cheat a bit - I tweaked the results. Actually, I think I'm' a natural Picard. ;) But I did like what I got - except for the bad language. That's not really me, but hey! I don't think it's really Sisko, either.

Your result for Which Starfleet Captain Are You?...

Captain Sisko

14% Kirk, 38% Picard, 46% Sisko, 17% Janeway, 33% Archer

You've always had a nasty temper on you. But it has served you well. You single-handedly fucked-up the Cardassians, the Klingons, the Cardassians again, the Dominion, AND the Breen! Hell, you even punched Q in the fucking face! That guy can literally snap his fingers and make your body turn inside-out. But you don't care. He's a jerk and he pissed you off. You made him pay. You may have ended-up in a stupid subplot about weird wormhole god-creatures, but you still kick ass! And you would be hard-pressed to find a starfleet captain who enunciates his consenants as well as you do.

Take Which Starfleet Captain Are You? at HelloQuizzy

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There's a fascinating challenge on Snapedom this month. We are to talk about spies and double agents and compare them to Severus Snape. Here's what I responded: I'm cross-posting here because I want to boost one of my favorite shows for those who may not know it. ) If anyone's interested in the original monthly challenge, you can find it here: more... )
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Some more thoughts on the recent "Trek", among other things. An informal essay, about 3,000 words long. Read more... )
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Well, my sister and I finally got to see it tonight, and here follows my review. Basically, we enjoyed it. But I should add that I've been watching "Trek" since I was twelve (TOS, in reruns), and that I get seriously irked by bad science in an SF show. Wacky I can deal with; wild speculation I can deal with, but risible science just gets to me. OTOH, some of what was done with the characters was very interesting. My sister's comments, which sum it up pretty well, were, "This movie could make you scared of dentists. Begin drilling!", and "I loved Uhura! The actors were great!" Spoiler alert:
Read more... )


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