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Sorry! It's another political post. As I say below, I was inspired to write this by our readings at Mass these past two weeks. They were almost scarily relevant.

Before our current president (I suppose we must call him that) took the oath of office, I had a brief conversation with a friend. “Young women I know are in tears,” she said to me. “I can’t understand it. I think it has to get worse before it gets better.” At the time, I was rather shocked and startled, but I’m starting to agree with her.

It’s not that Trump isn’t awful. He is. He is even worse than I imagined he would be, and the appearance of Swastikas on public property is absolutely chilling. All the bullies, racists, and neo Nazis seem to have been greatly encouraged by recent events. And yet- Read more... )
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I know nine women who marched on Saturday, and I ended up joining a small local march myself. It was a beautiful experience. Now we have to find a way to stay united and keep pushing for a humane and civilized world. Here's a short film I took.
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I’m very troubled by what’s happening in the world generally, and in the Middle East in particular, and I’m struggling to understand it. I am posting this now because it is Holy Week, and I think that’s relevant to my understanding.

Amidst all the trouble and bloodshed, a few facts do stand out:Read more... )
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When my grandfather was a boy, he was given a pair of ice skates by the man who employed him. This man told him, “Don’t skate on Sunday!” Sunday was the only day my grandfather had free, so the skates were useless to him.

I’m telling this story to offer a new way of looking at the health care debate, especially for those of us who are religious, and who are concerned about the separation of Church and state. Read more... )
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Okay - this post was inspired by a couple of conversations I read recently, and also an interview with a young local reporter, who wanted to speak to me about banned books week. The ALA (American Library Association) celebrates Banned Books week every year during the last week of September. Here's the link to the interview:

And here are the two conversations. In the first, the teen spies at YA confidential were outraged at censorship - but then said they, themselves, might ban books containing sexism. In the second a young Jewish woman reviews Uris's Exodus. In her final sentence, she advocates burning that book for its vile racist stereotypes and the harm it has done. But - I just don't think it's ever right to burn books!
Read more... )
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There are a lot of upsetting or confusing things happening in the world right now. I'm not friendslocking this, but I will put it under a cut, so you don't have to read this entry if you don't want to. I'll be addressing two things:
1. Troy Davis
2. Palestinian Statehood.

First, as to Mr. Davis, I am deeply shocked that things have gotten this far. I'm opposed to the death penalty in any case, but I should think that even those who support it wouldn't in a case like this, where there is so much doubt. Read more... )
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An informal essay in response to Jason Perlow's recent article. About 2,500 words long. Read more... )
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Publisher's Weekly tweeted this. I hope Rowling will speak out against it; that might make some difference.

But really, kids old enough to read the Potter books ought to be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality! One wonders how long this has been going on, and whether it's happening in other countries?
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All 33 miners have been rescued, and the fifth of the sixth rescue workers is on his way to the surface now. Awesome!

p.s. Very short post, this. Do you think Twitter is corrupting me? But I really have nothing more to say. :)
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It is all over the internet, by now, that a man called Wesley Scroggins wants to limit access to Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. That's a book that I've recommended, that kids have loved, and that has been on our high school reading list - and rightly so. Read more... )
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Margaret and Helen are terrific this week. Or, rather, they were terrific late last week. Here's the link to their blog; check out March 19.

(Even as one of those lefties out in Lah-Lah land that they would send over a cliff, I found it funny!)
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When I was visiting my parents last weekend, my Mom showed me an obituary. Christopher Nolan is dead, at the age of 43. He attended the same school in Dublin as the members of U2, a few years after they did, and wrote three amazing books. His is an example of a life lived with courage and joy. Here's the link to the NY Times obit:
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and, those of my friends who are U.S. citizens, please sign the petition if you feel able! These people, like the people of Bilin and Nilin, are absolutely heroic. They are waging a nonviolent campaign for the continued existence of their village, and nonviolence and positive action should be supported.

Please follow this link if you're curious about this campaign:
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amydmartin reminded me, by posting the full declaration on her livejournal, that today is the anniversary of the proclamation by the U.N. Our pastor had also included the full declaration in his bulletin. Here is a video amnesty pointed to to celebrate the day-

and here, courtesy of Amy, is the full text:

Please read it, if you haven't already!
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It's seemed a long time since I've posted here - this one will cover at least two subjects, perhaps three. The first - the Nakba - is somewhat controversial, so it's under a cut.
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Recently, my Mom cut out an obituary from the NY Times; it was of the death of the oldest living WWI vet in France. I think we all read it and were very impressed by this man's decency and common sense. The obituary follows - under a cut, because it's long:
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