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Here are six more from my current WIP:

"It was Stas and his gang. They're bullies and cowards! You can't let bullies win." "No, you can't. Here's a thought, young Mikhel. Maybe they win if they make you hit back?"
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Hi - I'm not sure these thoughts are related, but they might just be, since both have to do with the writing process. First, there is R.J. Anderson's treadmill desk, which you can see on her blog here:

My immediate thought when R.J. explained what she was talking about was: If you gave me one of those things, the first thing I would do would be to fall off it! Read more... )
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With much thanks for the input of Mike Mullin, Deirdrej, my Dad and a few others who commented on various boards, I've rewritten the query once again. Here it is - and this time, I really do think I've got it. I'm never going to please everyone, and am a little sad at what I've had to leave out, but I think this does represent the book well. I particularly like that the shape of the query echoes the shape of the book. :) Read more... )
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Well, yesterday I got my first official rejection from an agent. Of course, I felt (and feel) a little sad, but not as much so as I had expected. Then again, it's only the first rejection! But - Read more... )
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book trailer - honor
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Seriously premature, I know - my sister's artwork, which you've already seen, and Kevin MacLeod's music. But I do think it comes together nicely. I did it because Jon suggested we include trailers with our excerpts or first chapters.
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Here is one last stab at it! RJ, I tried to combine the two previous ones as you suggested, and I do think the story is a lot clearer as a result. Looking forward to everyone's reactions- Read more... )
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Here's another attempt at the query. R.J. and Deirdre, thanks so much for your help! I think this is definitely a lot better than my first try, but I'm not sure it's there yet. More under the cut- Read more... )
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Yes, I know we don't get to choose what's on the cover, but I think Deirdre's done a really neat design. Here is her second attempt, hand drawn and with a more active pose, plus text. (And yes, I know that if I get published, I don't get to choose my title, either.)

But, just as designs, which appeals to you more? What mood do you get from them, and, if you saw books with these covers, which would you be more likely to pick up?

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Originally uploaded by maryj59

It's little Kiril, with a nod to Niki! This is so cool! I think I want to make an icon of it, if Deirdre's okay with that. Note - I just did.

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I still have a long way to go, but I finished the first draft of Honor this morning. It ended up just under 80 thousand words - so just about twice as long as I expected it to be. And I learned an awful lot from the process. More on that later.

Rewriting starts tomorrow; I have to rewrite one chapter pretty extensively and clean up two or three others slightly before I have a really good draft. Then I can start looking for agents.
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This is the first part of the first chapter, for those who were interested in seeing how the story would progress.

Read more... )


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