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Well - my original short story having been far too long, here is the drabble/prose poem I submitted just now to the Waterstones short story competition. I'm very pleased with it, actually; it's the first "Christopher" story I ever thought of, and I'd never considered doing it in this style or from this pov. Here goes - not under a cut because it's g-rated and very short:


You're NEARLY 10, you say.
Old enough. You want a skateboard.
At first, I scream inside my head, "NO!"
I'm a nurse.
I've seen what happens.
Greenstick fractures, concussions, even worse.
I fear for you. I fear
hard stone and pavement, tons of moving metal.
I fear gravity.
I lock my thoughts behind my lips.
We agree: you'll get your board.
On Christmas Day, you rush outside,
a gawky fledgling, knees bent, wings outstretched.
Then, oh then (my reward) I see you take to the air, fearless,
and fly.
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Here is the entry that I posted on Snapedom today for the Snape in Love challenge-

Hi - yes, it's still Lent, but it's Sunday, and something inspired me to write this song. It's sung by Severus (aka Michael Griffin) for his son's band's album - at Christopher's request. The marvel is that his dad agrees!

I will link to an mp3 of the tune later, if I can manage it:

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Title Gift and Burden
Author mary-j-59
Type genfic/original crossover; complete short story, about 6,000 words. G-rated; no warnings.
Characters Severus Snape (aka Michael Griffin), Neville Longbottom, two OCs
Comments Thanks to my sister for reading and suggesting some changes; also for her encouragement! I was inspired to write this by the November challenge on Snapedom. More notes follow the story.

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genre Short story, complete, about 800 words.
rating, warnings, etc G-rated, not quite genfic (a parallel universe Christopher stoy. Does not fit with the rest of the series; in this one, Severus survived AND regained his magic and is teaching Defense at Hogwarts, and Chris, a Squib, is at choir school at home in Yorkshire. His sister, who doesn't come into this story, is a third-year Ravenclaw.) As always, concrit welcome (especially from pigeon keepers!) The story follows the cut:
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TitleMusic (alternate title: Reeling through the stars)
Genreshort story, complete, au/original (see notes)
rating and length G, about 3,500 words. No warnings.
Notes This is the third in my "Christopher series; it stars 'my' au, Muggle, postwar Snape (now known as Michael Griffin), his son, Christopher (13), Christopher's sister Lily (15), and a few other OCs. A first draft, though I did some rewriting as I went along. Concrit, and especially Brit-picking, welcome.
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A short story, about 1,600 words, rated G. Just a vignette about a father and son; a follow-up to "Legos". The story follows the cut:
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Title: Legos
Type: Fiction
Category: Gen
Length: About 1,900 words
Main characters and/or pairings: Severus Snape, two original characters
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Summary: Ten years after the war, at Spinner's End, and Severus Snape is still learning some unexpected lessons
Disclaimers and Notes: Inspired by J.K. Rowling, without whose work this wouldn't exist. the story follows the cut:

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