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To everyone in Sandy's path: I hope we all weather this okay. I'm getting very anxious waiting, and have candles ready to light all over the apartment - in spite of which, it's my fervent hope that we don't lose power. But we probably will. Anyway, best wishes to everyone in the storm's path - hang on and stay dry!

In the meantime, my sister, Deirdre, has written a lovely fanfic for a challenge on Sounis, and you can find it here:

If  you like it (and I hope you do; I think it's beautiful!), go over to Sounis and vote for her!

Take care.
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It, and a lot of other good stuff, are at the Severus big bang on both livejournal and insanejournal. I especially recommend the takeoff on Harriet the Spy, and AnnieTalbot's "Rosemary" among the fics, and there's lots of great art - Sigune's shoes, and many others. Here's the link to mine:
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Here is a brief drabble I wrote in the Room of Requirement on the last day of Terminus. It came so easily to me that I'm half afraid I may be copying - if someone has seen something like it before, please tell me!

TitleStump and Stone
Genre Short story, genfic, g-rated. I am leaving you to guess the fandom - that's the point!
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Just a short entry - is there really a difference between fanfiction and fiction? Isn't writing writing, and don't you judge it by common standards? More below-
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Title Walkman
categoryficlet - 200 words, genfic
characters Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, two orginal characters (Valerie Maxwell and Joanna Vance)
rating G
warnings none
Notes and credits As always, all characters and settings belong to, or were inspired by, j.K. Rowling, without whose work this story would not exist. This is the image that came to me *before* I wrote "Those Who Live By the Sword"; if you enjoy it, you might like that one, too!
I am including an lj cut as a courtesy; the story follows:
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