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I am so excited - I am going to get an original watercolor by the marvellous Sigune, and it's an illustration for my WIP! She sent me a scan, and I'm hoping she won't mind if I post it here. Please do NOT borrow or use this art without getting express permission from Sigune and from me! She retains copyright, as far as I'm concerned. But isn't it great?!

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Those of you who are also his friends will know that Jon Gibbs is quite a guy! He is selling these mugs along with his ebook on CD, and I would urge all of you who write to get one.* Because it's true. If you write, you are a writer. You don't have to wait for anyone else to validate you; you don't have to be published (though that sure would be nice!); you don't have to be a bestseller. All you have to do is write. So give yourself a boost and remember: if you write, you are a writer. It doesn't matter how the world defines you.

*(or whatever creative thing you do, as Brenda Ueland says. It's all good!)

A couple of other things: The colors are really glorious now here in Southern NY. The maples are any number of shades between pale yellow green and scarlet, and the cork bushes and sumac and poison ivy (yes, poison ivy. One wonders why it's so pretty) are deep crimson. When driving back from a meeting, my sister and I saw a nut or oak tree (probably an oak) with purply-brown leaves. You wouldn't think all these colors could look so lovely together, but they do.

And my sister and I just saw How to Train Your Dragon It's an utterly charming movie, but nothing at all like the book - which is also utterly charming. I'm not sure I don't like the movie even more than the book. The one thing I didn't like was the boys' voices; they were all played by older boys or men whose voices had changed, and that didn't feel right to me.

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Yes, I know we don't get to choose what's on the cover, but I think Deirdre's done a really neat design. Here is her second attempt, hand drawn and with a more active pose, plus text. (And yes, I know that if I get published, I don't get to choose my title, either.)

But, just as designs, which appeals to you more? What mood do you get from them, and, if you saw books with these covers, which would you be more likely to pick up?

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It's little Kiril, with a nod to Niki! This is so cool! I think I want to make an icon of it, if Deirdre's okay with that. Note - I just did.

White Hat

Jun. 12th, 2010 05:18 pm
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White Hat
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And here is another of Deirdre's drawings, this one of our grandmother as a young woman, sketched from a photograph. I really love this picture! Not sure - if you click on it, I think it will take you to Deirdre's flickr page, where she has information - but I think it is chalk and pencil. This is our Dad's mother, who was only 13 or so when she came out, alone, to America to work in her older sister's boarding house.

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Hope did this a while ago; it's a fascinating meme, but I found it a bit difficult. Asked to name five books or pieces of music that influenced me/speak to me/express my beliefs, I could do it very easily - the problem would be stopping at five! To name five influential paintings was a bit more difficult for me. Anyway, the challenge was to pick and post five pictures/paintings and explain why they are meaningful to you, and then pick five people to do the same.

I'm tagging Anne Arthur, professor mum, sander123, sigune (if you haven't done it already) and sydpad (if you have time, because you're also a graphic artist). And anyone else who wants to is free to grab this! Now the pictures, under a cut for length:
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