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Well, we and a lot of other women of all ages. It's a compilation album that a woman we met at Terminus put together; she asked us to contribute a song. The album is a benefit to fight breast cancer. Amy Snow (aka Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons0 wrote a song specially for the album and blogged about it, which is how we found out. The album is also to be released on iTunes later this month. The originator, btw, is Dolores and the Umbrages (sic), and I think she did a really nice job compiling it - and we were pleased to be asked, and to contribute.

If that sounded all hyper and incoherent, it was! Anyway, here's the link:
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Here, I hope, is a link to Marybeth (aka Nagini) singing "James Potter". I just uploaded three videos of wizard rock/Terminus to the library's new youtube account; one or two more to follow. Enjoy1

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First, as I said, we're on youtube! Someone managed to get a pretty decent video of us singing "Prime Numbers" in the park for the wizrock podcast. Here it is:

A little more under the cut: Read more... )
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Well, we are back, and we had a blast! Draco and the Malfoys like us! Kids were asking us to sign their T-shirts! Eek! More under the cut, because I'm rambling a bit. Read more... )
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Yes - it's still Lent, and I am still trying to cut down on my internet use, but I just had to post this. Since we're going to Terminus in Chicago, anyway, I decided to submit two of my stories and one paper for possible public readings. They accepted the stories! so I will be reading Gift and Burden and possibly (if there's time) Tommy Serpent on the ninth of August. If any of you are at the convention, please come!

In other news - a very spectacular full eclipse of the moon here in the Northeastern U.S. My sister and I got to see some of it; our parents called us to be sure we would. The moon went a sort of dusty orange color, and there were two small, very bright stars right under it. Very cool!


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