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Hi - I love Jon's interesting posts on writing every Friday, and read them regularly. Just came across this one on Agent query connect, and though it was very encouraging, and that other people might enjoy it, so here it is.
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I am wondering, at what point in the novel-writing process should one start to look for an agent? From all I have heard, an agent is necessary for a first-timer, and I do want to get this book published. At the moment, I am, though not quite as far along as I'd hoped I'd be, nearly 40 K words in, and may complete the draft (with luck, and if I stay on pace) by December or January. I have perhaps six chapters to go, not counting the one I'm working on now, and have been averaging two chapters a month. The completed first draft will be around 50 to 55 thousand words, and it's a standalone YA SF novel.

So - do I need to have completed the first draft before I begin the search for an agent, or may I/should I start while in process? At this point, I know I can actually climb this mountain and finish the draft, and I really think I will end up with a good book. I can supply a completed outline and sample chapters, plus a one sentence and one paragraph summary of the book. These are below: Read more... )


Jul. 8th, 2009 11:26 pm
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I am officially a published author! Well, after a fashion. Issue 31 of Mythic Circle arrived today! And my short story is right in the middle - and it's ILLUSTRATED!

I have to say that I'd never envisioned the scene quite the way the illustrator did. The man looks much more medieval European than I'd thought - I picture my characters as looking Arabic/North African or East Indian. But the composition and sense of motion are really good. I'm thrilled, actually. I just wish I got more copies - also, that I could scan or snag this illustration and let everyone see it. :)

(Mentally jumping up and down all over again - I do hope the nice job they did here with the story presages well for the novel it comes from. My mom was full of questions like that - how big is the readership; who reads it; all that sort of thing. Not unimportant questions, but what I think is: it's a first step. Some readers are better than none, and I think everyone who reads the story here will be curious about the novel.)

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I am just going to quote her letter to me, including a link from Bologna. And why wasn't this announced in NYC? Isn't Megan Whalen Turner American?

HI, everybody!

Look what I found!

Is that not the most awesome thing ever?

Yes, it is! Sophos lives!


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