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This is just a quickie that I haven't revised - more a meditation than a formal essay. But heck, it is Sev's birthday, and I suppose this little essay could count as a celebration of sorts.

Author mary-j-59
Title Cedric and Severus
Genre informal essay
Length, Credits, warnings about 1,500 words, rated g. No warnings! Author's note: I wrote this some time ago and am now convinced Severus is not dead. That doesn't really render my conclusions invalid, IMHO. I look forward to comments, though!
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I am now unlocking this essay, having done a brief rewrite, but I'm sure I'll need to do another rewrite. Have I toned it down enough? Does it make sense to you? I have added a brief list of citations, but need to get exact info for some of them, particularly websites. Looking forward to your responses! I did try to outline it, but, at this stage, I'm not sure that makes sense, either. Otherwise -
Is it still too harsh? Too religious, for you atheists? (But the religious symbolism is right there in the book and bothered me mightily!)
Does it lose you anywhere?
Does it make sense? Or are there places where i seem to have skipped a step?
I'm really shocked at how harsh this ended up being, actually. But there were so many things that bothered me so much about DH, they have almost killed the beautiful things for me. And I still don't understand what *story* Rowling thought she was telling. It's seriously lacking in substance, for all its length. (Unless she meant the ironies I was spotting?)
Anyway:Title My final thoughts on Deathly Hallows
genreessay, about 8,000 words
rating, warnings, etc None, g-rated, but I do examine the religious symbols in DH. My thanks to Sigune and Nemesister for their criticism of my first draft - also to Sigune and The bitter word for inspiring me to write it in the first place.

The essay follows the cut:
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Okay - I am going to try to post it. I have saved it as a pdf and will be inserting it below - hope this works! Please go easy on the comments and corrections; my understanding of the story has been refined considerably thanks to the conversations I've had both here on livejournal and in real life. But, after rereading it, I've got to say a couple of my basic conclusions are unchanged. I still think, as I've always thought since July, 2005, that Snape is Harry's bodyguard. I still think he killed Dumbledore (if he did kill him) only because Snape himself had to stay alive to protect Harry. I'm going to add some notes at the end of the essay to explain how my understanding has changed, and to clarify points I no longer agree with. Here goes:

Title Severus Snape and the Great Mysteries: Love, Forgiveness and Redemption in Harry Potter
Author mary-j-59
Genre Essay, gen, about 9,775 words
Warnings and credits G rated. Thanks to all whom I credited below, particularly Jodel, logospilgrim, and John Granger. Thanks also to beyond_pale, Swythyv, Professor_mum and all you other brilliant livejournallers out there.

The essay follows the cut:

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A death eater moment analyzed (or, Snape as Darcy, after all??)

Here is my first essay about the Potterverse. Is Snape really as cruel as he seems to be in a key scene of HBP? Read more... )


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